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Here at Averbuck Law Firm, we believe our strength is in finding a creative solution for your criminal defense case. Many lawyers throughout the Davenport area may not accept cases they feel will ruin their reputation; conversely, we strive to improve our reputation by taking on challenging criminal defense cases.

In each case, we handle here at Averbuck Law Firm, we draw on our passion and training to ensure your rights are observed. We enjoy working with clients from all over the Davenport area and helping them attain desirable results. Your criminal defense case deserves a certain expertise and attention to detail that we can provide. We want to help impact your life with a final and satisfactory resolution in your criminal defense matter.

With 19 years of experience, our firm has extensive knowledge on the best representative practices for our Davenport area clients. At Averbuck Law Firm, we know our clients need us for their criminal defense matters, so we make ourselves as open as possible throughout the entire process.

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We are standing by the phone waiting for you to choose us as your criminal defense legal team in Davenport. Averbuck Law Firm wants you to feel safe and secure knowing our team can get you the results you want to see. Give us a call at (863) 533-900 today and let us bring our 19 years of experience to work for you. 

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Criminal Law

Build a strong defense against your criminal charges.


File for a protective restraining order against your abuser.

Family Law

Create a fair custody agreement.

Traffic Law

Work with a reputable attorney to fight your DUI and traffic violation charges.

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